GroundUp's App for Construction Material Sourcing

App and Portal for Construction Material Sourcing

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GroundUp, a tech startup in construction, teamed up with Vinnove to create a mobile app that streamlines the process of sourcing materials.

The goal was to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers, making transactions smoother and more transparent

GroundUp needed two interconnected apps: one for buyers and one for suppliers.

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Logo & Brand Identity

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Driving Success

They also wanted strategic advice for marketing the app post-launch. Vinnove chose a hybrid development method, making the apps available on both iOS and Android.

The buyer’s app lets users list needed materials and send requests to local suppliers.

Seamless Supplier-Buyer Interaction

Suppliers then respond with prices, allowing buyers to compare and purchase within the app. GroundUp provided basic design elements, while Vinnove took charge of the detailed design and coding.

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Supplier Support Surges

In the early stages, Vinnove’s prototype received strong support from potential supplier users. Out of 80 companies approached, most are eagerly awaiting the full launch. This success stems from Vinnove’s proactive, empathetic approach and effective communication, with regular meetings keeping everyone aligned.

Going Above and Beyond Expectations

Trel Kreiss, GroundUp’s founder, praised Vinnove’s dedication, noting their efforts went beyond the contract, including conducting stakeholder research and maintaining frequent updates.


“Vinnove’s innovative approach and robust prototype have laid a solid foundation for GroundUp, positioning their app to transform construction material sourcing”

Trel Kreiss, CEO

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