The 8 Steps for Developing An Outstanding Mobile App

1. Research and Pre-Planning Stage

Vinnove’s product strategists spend time in proper planning and research before starting the process of developing an app for our clients.  During our brainstorming sessions, we seek to answer several questions such: as the purpose of the app, target users, app platform, and whether to charge for the app or make it free.

It’s at this stage we look at the scope of work and size up the competition. It’s essential to set the right expectations for the amount of time it will take to design and develop the app. Looking at the competition will give us an idea of the project’s feasibility and the features that end-users will love to have. The last step in this stage is coming up with a budget and plan for the development process.

2. Mental Prototyping Stage

Once the research and planning are completed, the next step is to come up with a sketch of your app. We develop a visual image of the proposed mobile application. The minimum amount of time to design the prototype is three weeks. In this stage is where the fun begins.

3. The Technical Feasibility Assessment Stage

Having a visual map of the app isn’t the end. We assess the ability of the back-end system to support the functionality of your mobile app. Conducting the technical feasibility of the app is key to its success. We use the public API to access open data. However, before moving on, you should be able to answer these questions. Will the app be on Android or Apple devices? Will it be first designed for smartphones or tablets?

4. Building a Prototype 

Before jumping to development, it’s critical to evaluate the user’s experience with the app. It’s far more economical to make changes to the design right now than when the app is in full production mode. Our team seeks to understand the end-user perspective. What’s the feel of the app? Is it appealing? Does it look innovative?  Is it pleasing to the eyes?

In this stage, our team prepares a prototype of the app so potential users can test it for the touch experience. The prototype will help you and your stakeholders to assess whether you are on the right track or adjustments have to be made. Getting feedback will be crucial before moving to the next stage.

5. Designing and Developing Your App

Now, it’s time to prepare the designs for the final product. In this stage, we bring on board experienced User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) designers.  Also, our App development team consist of:

  • A designer who creates all the visual content that will be coded into the project
  • An account manager who acts as a liaison for clients. This team member works with product managers and producers to coordinate the completion of different tasks.
  • A product manager that oversees the app production.
  • A cluster of experienced iOS and Android app developers.

Our objective is to develop a beautiful app that evokes unique looks and feel. This step is crucial in figuring out the final interaction aspects of your mobile app and end-user experience.

6. Building Your Mobile App Using the Agile Methodology

When our designers complete their job, our developers take over. They implement your vision to develop your app. To create compelling mobile applications in a cost and time-effective way, we use the Agile Methodology. This approach allows us to edit, add, or make changes to the features. Hence, you can be confident that we will keep updating your app depending on the prevailing trends.

7. Testing Your Mobile App

Our team moves on to test your app to evaluate the audience’s ease of use. For your mobile app to be impactful, we conduct two tests. First, the user experience test. This test aims at assessing the user experience using the target audience. If the users approve it, we’re sure that it will solve your target problem.

Next, we perform beta testing. Here, we allow the general audience to test your app. Beta users enable us to determine how the app will play in the real world. Hence, the two tests are essential parts of our mobile application development lifecycle.

8.Launching of Your Mobile App

Finally, we launch your app to make in a way to make it easy for the audience to access it. We do this by sending the app for approval on the platform on both Android and iOS. Our developers optimize your app for the two app stores to ensure it is effective.

Are you in need of a powerful app for your business? Let’s build something great together, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or two through the contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

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